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LED Light Bulbs

LED Lighting is the way of the future as many governments around the world have phased out the production of energy wasting incandescent light bulbs and they have proved to be much more efficient than commonly used CFL’s as well. All of this being true, there is still limited knowledge and availability of LED Lighting, something we here at LEDLights.io would like to change immediately as we know everyone would love to save on energy and save their money. Many people are turned away from LED light bulbs once they see the more expensive price tag compared to traditional lighting. What they don’t know is the great value of LED lighting in their unbeatable quality, lifespan and unbelievable energy savings which are beneficial to both your wallet and the planet. Below we will go over some of the basics you’ll need to know when replacing your current lighting and also go over some numbers that prove switching to LED lighting in your home or office is the easiest way to save money.

To really grasp the benefits and savings we have broken LED light bulbs into the 5 must knows

  1. Choosing the right BASE
  2. Choosing the right SHAPE
  3. Choosing the right BRIGHTNESS
  4. Choosing the right TEMPERATURE
  5. Choosing the right PRICE


Choosing the right LED Light Bulb Base

When it comes to LED Light bulbs there are many various base, sizes, shapes and options available. While this customization means the perfect bulb for your particular needs is definitely available, finding it is sometimes confusing to someone just switching over.

A common style light bulb which most people will be looking for is the A19, the classic screw bulb. A19’s are also referred to as E26 bulbs, easily remembered as E for Edison and 26 for the common 26 millimetre screw width. A couple other commonly used LED light bulbs are the E12 aka Candelabra, which is a thinner based mostly used in chandeliers. Recessed lighting and track lighting often use GU10 style LED light bulbs.

Choosing the right LED Light Bulb Shape

After the base, you will need to decide which bulb shape you need in your new LED light. The shape is less about the aesthetic of the bulb but more about the direction of the light it will give off. A few common bulb shapes are the arbitrary bulb and stick shapes with all around light direction used for most ceiling lights. A candle shaped LED light bulb, often referred to as Candelabra bulbs, work great for lamps. And spot lights with a reflector and desired beam width for recessed down lights.

Choosing the right LED Light Bulb Brightness

Brightness in the LED lighting world is referred to as Lumens and the higher the lumens, the brighter the bulb. Below is a handy chart to help decide what lumens you are looking for. The first chart is for lower 120 voltage countries such as Canada, US, Japan and Brazil. Find the lumens of the bulb you are looking to replace to help find the new wattage you should be looking for. Example an old 40W incandescent bulb would be replaced with a 6W LED light bulb to achieve similar 400 lumens.

This second chart can be referenced for higher 240 voltage countries such as the UK for comparison-shopping.

Choosing the right LED Light Bulb Temperature

LED temperature is measured in Kelvins (K) and can make a huge difference in terms of the setting and mood you are looking for. The great thing about LEDs is the various options available between warm and cool lighting colours. The most common options include warm white bulbs which are around 3000k, then natural or day white which is around 4200K and cool white which is around 5000K+. Most people prefer warmer lights, similar to halogen and incandescent bulbs. However the more natural or day white is sometimes preferred in the kitchen or bathroom and with more modern décor styles.

Finding the right price for you LED Light bulbs

Before you let the cost of LEDs reconsider your purchase, you must consider the all of the future savings to come! Not only will LEDs last years longer than regular bulbs but more importantly, the energy savings are unbelievable.

For example an LED light purchased uses 9 watts of energy and lasts up to 25,000 hours. Let’s say the bulb is used roughly 3 hours a day, everyday, it should last close to 23 years! This compared to an incandescent bulb which uses 60 watts of energy, lasting roughly 1000 hours, would have to be purchased another 25 times!

Besides the life of LED bulbs the major savings and environmental benefits come in the form of you hydro bill. You can calculate how much an LED bulb costs to keep on you’ll need to get the kWh, or kilowatts per hour it uses. To do this

(amount of watts bulb uses) X (hours you plan to use it per day) /1000

9W x 3hrs /1000 = 0.027 kWh

With the kWh, now multiply it by how much you pay per kWh

0.027 x $0.12 = $0.00324 per day

Multiply this amount by 365 to find the yearly cost.

$0.00324 x 365 = $1.18

A single incandescent bulb will run you close to $10 a year to run it alone. Taking all of this into consideration, the up front costs make more sense for your wallet, convenience and better yet the planet.

Another energy efficient option you may be wondering about or currently using are CFLs which became very popular not too long ago. While they were great in terms of energy savings most people don’t know that they are filled with mercury and cannot simply be thrown in the trash when you’re done with them as they are considered hazardous waste, similar to motor oil and paint cans. They are also very fragile making them dangerous option. LEDs on the other hand contain no mercury, are solid, not easily breakable, provide better light, go to full brightness instantly, don’t get as hot and still are able to last 3 times longer than most CFL bulbs.

These savings can be astronomical when considering all of the lighting in your home or office. And let’s face it, wouldn’t you rather use your money on anything other than electricity?! LEDs are no question the way to go

Buying from our online wholesale gives you the most option and best prices as well so you know you’re getting the absolute best price for top quality LED Lights for sale.

If knowing all of this and the upfront costs are still concerning you, take a look at the chart below outlining the payback periods for LED lighting. This is an estimate of how long it takes for the energy savings to payback the cost of replacing a 60W incandescent bulb with a new 10W LED bulb that costs $10. 

Across the globe, the pay back is there as soon as 9 months in countries with more expensive hydro costs such as Denmark and even within 3 and half years in countries with extremely cheap electricity like India. The payback is also much faster with the more use you make of the bulbs on a daily basis so for busier houses or bigger offices and outlets and this can mean major savings worth making the switch now for.

As the world of LED light bulbs is only in the beginning, LEDLights.io is always staying current with the latest improvements to ensure you are shopping from the best quality and best prices. This rapidly developing technology is constantly coming up with more energy efficient, safer and longer lasting models helping to make LED light bulbs to the mainstream. We scour the globe looking for the newest technologies in search for affordable LED light bulbs so that more people can begin to save on energy consumption. So go ahead and spread the word and savings that LEDLights.io can bring to your home or business to your family and friends. The more people consuming LED light bulbs the more the price will be able to come down, making them more affordable for everyone to begin using consistently. We have been able to provide them at a price for better-cost savings over their lifetime compared to CFL’s and any other light bulb on the market. With the more readily available options for LED light bulbs, they really have taken lighting to a whole new level in terms of entertainment. Smart bulbs, controllers, dimmers and other accessories for LED light bulbs are available to turn your basic on and off light switch into more exciting, dimming, colour and even music controlled lighting. Our wholesale LED light bulb selection will always be updated with the newest and best in LED Lighting, always with a concern on standards and quality. All of our whole LED Light bulbs are certified and tested before ever coming to market making sure the lifetime lasts well beyond expected.

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