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LED Lights Business For Sale

LED Lights Business For Sale

LEDLights.io entire business up for auction at Godaddy.com

What it Includes

Complete business for sale. Replace stock with yours, enter your AdWords budget then start earning revenue immediately!

TLD Domain

Top Level Domain LEDLights.iowith exact keyword match contained in the .io domain. The .io boom has exploded correlating .io with ones/zeros, on/off, in/out signifying technology to it's fullest

Custom 800 Number

Receive 855.LED.1.LED toll free phone number so clients can easily remember your phone number. Optional auto-attendant, fax and text messaging service available.

Online Campaign

Complete with display ads, text ads, keyword research, social strategy and remarketing campaign. We will import our campaign directly into yours or help you set one up if you haven't already.

Shopify Website

Continue with the low payments of $150 each month with your Google Adwords budget and you're ready to start making money!

Articles of Incorporporation

We'll transfer the articles of the corporation into the lucky buyer's name or corporation.

Social Strategy

Complete with 9 Social Media accounts already with Followers and Likes! View the list: 

AdWords Campaign

Ready to go! Keyword research, text ads, display ads and full set up within your own AdWords account. If you don't have one, we'll set it up for you at no additional cost. Here's an example:

SEO Traffic

Search Engine Optimization becomes easy with such an intense domain. Here's our top 10 keyphrases that you can piggy back off and increase traffic!

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Display Ads

Designed by professionals yielding outstanding Click Through Rates. Here are just a few of the ads. There are 10 in total.

Our Supplier 

We also have an opportunity to become CanadianTire's flagship MotorMaster white label product for all LED Lights and 3 large orders requesting quotes that we will send to you. We will get you in touch with our broker so no times wasted.

Bid at Godaddy.com

The auction to bid for this entire business starts at $50,000 USD available for bid directly on Godaddy.com -- Win the bid and you win the entire business along with everything mentioned here!

Our Loss is Your Gain!

We've recently broken ties with our supplier and now we need to liquidate the business. Our loss is your gain. Potential revenue of $50M per year!

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